The Twenty Two Baillies (continued)

A previous post on this family didn’t do justice to the size of the core family of North Colchester and West Pictou.

Alexander “Buidhe” Baillie was first married to Annie Matheson.  She was born in Clyne on May 2nd, 1782.  She was related to the Mathesons who came to Roger’s Hill, (Bein Na Mhathainach), on the Hector in 1773.  She died in Clyne around 1817.

The issue of this union:

  1. Kenneth Baillie (1807-1883), a carpenter, lived on a steep farm above the Matheson Brook, Balmoral. He married Maria MacKay “Canada”, a native of Doula, Lairg who came to Earltown with her parents, Hugh and Annabella. They had five children including John MacKay Baillie, New Glasgow, one time MLA and leader of the Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.
  2. William Baillie (1809-1897) lived for a time at Balmoral before settling in Seafoam, Pictou County. His wife was Janet MacKay whose family lived at Brook Settlement near River John.
  3. Elizabeth Baillie (1811-1907) “Granny Ross” married Alexander Ross of Creich, Sutherlandshire, and Loganville.  She was his second wife.  They lived on a remote homestead near MacIntosh Lake.  They had six children.  Some descendants lived in Black River.  One branch went to Iowa.

4 & 5.  Marion and Katherine Baillie (1814) appeared to have died young.

  1. John Baillie (1816-1859) was a saddler in Pictou Town.  He married Catherine Walker.  They were the parents of Pipe Major Kenneth John MacKenzie Baillie who migrated to Scotland, enlisted in the military and became an accomplished piper and married into a family of hereditary pipers.  The Major retired to Loganville before re-enlisting during World War One.  He was the father of Major’s Sandy Baillie, Louisville.

Alexander “Buidhe”  second wife was Elizabeth Baillie,  (1801-1889), a near neighbour in Scottary.  Her parents, William Baillie and Christianna Sutherland, also emigrated to Earltown.

The family to this couple:

  1. George Baillie (1819-1905)  lived in the Berrichan.  His first wife was Christy MacLeod of Foxbrook. His second wife was Christena Matheson of North Earltown.  He had a family of nine.   Sandy Baillie, Earltown merchant, was one of them.
  2. Angus Baillie (1821-1919) Angus used to riddle his grandchildren that his father had 21 children twice and he was somewhere near the middle.  The implication being that one child died when the count was at 21 and another child was born shortly after.   Angus settled between College Grant and Welsford on a farm still inhabited by a grandson, Fletcher Baillie.  Angus was married to Christena MacKenzie of West Branch.  They had eight children.
  3. Christy Baillie (1822-1906) was married to Peter Murray “Sheep”, West Branch.
  4. Catherine (1825-     ) unmarried
  5. Annie (1825-      )  Annie married Thomas Durant of England.  It is believed he took her back to England where she died.  She had a child, John Baillie, who descendants lived in the Scotsburn area.
  6. Marion Baillie (1830-1886) married John Sutherland “Buidhe”, East Earltown.  They had no natural family but brought up Robert Fowler of West Branch.
  7. Infant
  8. Margaret Baillie (1828-1921) married Robert “Robbie” Sutherland of College Grant.  This family included the “Air’s” of Loganville, another piping family.
  9. Janet Baillie (1835-1917)  married John Douglas of Heathbell, Pictou County.  The Douglas family was also from Clyne.  Of their six children, Elizabeth married John W. Murray, East Earltown.
  10. Isabella Baillie (1836-1873) married John Ross, West Branch.  Danny Ross of West Branch was a son. Alex, another son, settled in Nebraska.
  11. Hugh Baillie (1837-1840)
  12. Infant
  13. William Baillie died young
  14. Alexander Baillie (1841-1896) married Margaret Chisholm of River John. They had a farm on Cape John. Descendants are still in the area.
  15. Donald Baillie (1842-1907) was the heir to the home farm.  He married Euphemia (Effie) Baillie of Lovat, Pictou County.  She was a daughter of William Baillie and Janet MacLeod and a granddaughter of Robert Baillie, first Baillie to settle in West Pictou.   They had a family of six:
    1. Elizabeth  married David Ferguson of Gairloch
    2. Alex W., the original genealogist of the family, married Elizabeth Sutherland of Earltown and settled in Dedham, Ma.
    3. Hugh Robert married Mary Jane MacLean of College Grant.  Hugh owned a large cranberry operation on Cape Cod and invented machinery to mechanize the harvest and processing of cranberries.
    4. William Baillie,  Chief of Police of Wallace, Idaho, married Lydia Salisbury of River John.
    5. Jennie Belle married William MacLean, Gairloch
    6. Christy died young
    7.   Annie  married Walter Clough, Kennebunkport, Maine
    8. Kennie Isaac Baillie, 1884-1971, a bachelor, lived on the William Baillie “Quilly” place, deep in the Berrichan.  He died in Gairloch.

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