MacBain’s Corner Group Photo

MacBain's Corner  ca. 1900

MacBain’s Corner ca. 1900

This is one of a series of group pictures taken in the area around 1900 by a travelling photographer.  It was most likely taken by E.W.L. Haskett-Smith, a surveyor from England, who was working in Tatamagouche at the time.   A list of those in the picture was not attached.  If anyone can identify their relatives in this picture or have a list to accompany the picture, please contact me.

Clydesdale School

Clydesdale School

Clydesdale School Courtesy of Carol Driscol

The Clydesdale School was located on the Clydesdale Road about one kilometer southwest of the junction of the Clydesdale and Stewart Roads.  It served the area once known as Spain and appears to have been labeled as the South Earltown school in the 1830’s.  The section extended from the Captains Road to just beyond the county line.  The Baillie family, who actually lived in Pictou County, attended this school due to its close proximity.  The district also covered the east end of the Berrichan.

The exact date of closure is not known.  At the time of the first war, Johanna Murray McGonagle, claimed that the building was in very poor repair.  The sills were rotten and snow would drift in under the walls.

Back Row (Left to Right):   Mrs. Tuttle – teacher;  Georgie Baillie (Mrs Herdman McNabb), Barbara MacKay “Achlean”, Tena Graham, Bessie MacIntosh (Mrs. Shier), Christy Baillie, Annie Murray “Gorm”,  Josie Murray “Gorm” (McGonagle), Margaret Baillie, (1st Husband Wm. Graham, 2nd Husband Wm. Baillie, River John),  Agnes Murray “Gorm”, Agnes Murray,  Bill Baillie (later of River John),  Mrs. Dan MacIntosh;

Front row from right to left:  Dan MacIntosh,  Annie MacIntosh,  Willie Murray “Gorm”,  Jack Graham,  Jack Baillie,  John Will MacKay “Achlean”,  J. Murray,  Bessie MacIntosh, Alice MacKay “Achlean”,  Annie MacIntosh, Agnes MacIntosh,  Lawson Baillie.

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