Graveyard Tour – Gunn’s Cemetery – Sunday, August 4th

“Far from the haunts of the busy world” lie the remains of some very interesting people.

Join us on a tour of Gunn’s Cemetery, a small graveyard in the back country near East Earltown.  Hear the stories of the daughter of the Earl of Caithness,  a one armed settler who fought in New Orleans, the midnight burial of Big Donald,  a hobo, a birth on the high seas and more.  Who knows, some participants might have their own stories to share.  It is a small cemetery which has some large characters.

Unless you live nearby, accessing this unmarked cemetery at the end of Squire MacKay Road can be an adventure.  We suggest you register at the Sugar Moon Farm, (Alex MacDonald Road),  before 9:30 at which time we will car pool or go as a procession to Squire MacKay Road.  The first 1 1/2 kilometers of that road are in excellent shape.  The last 1/2 kilometer is moderately rough but can be carefully navigated to a wood yard near the cemetery.   From there it is a 5 minute walk.  However we can provide motorized transport to the cemetery gate with an SUV for those with mobility challenges.   Glen Matheson, (this blogger), will be providing the commentary. The tour will be about 50 minutes after which we can retire to the Gathering at Sugar Moon Farm for various Scottish events.

If you can’t make it, maybe we will do a repeat visit some evening in early October,  “darkly in the dead of night with lanterns dimly burning….”

The Gathering in Earltown

Mark Sunday August 4th on your calendar for the The Gathering in Earltown.   Sugar Moon Farm will once more host a day of Scottish themed activities to celebrate Earltown’s celtic heritage and to raise funds for the upkeep of the local cemeteries.

At 9:30 you can join a group for a tour of a local cemetery –  more on this in a subsequent post.   From 11 to 3,  you can be entertained by pipers, fiddlers, a sword fighting demonstration and much more.  Na Gaisich Pipes and Drums from Pictou County will be featured.

At 3 PM,  you can take part in a Pig Roast.   Go to for information on how to get tickets.

Hope to see you there.