The Baillie’s Part IV

Gilbert’s Hill

Gilbert’s Hill (1) is a landmark on the south shore of Loch Brora and well within the Carroll Estate.  It was also a hamlet containing a number of families who were cleared off the Carroll Estate sometime between 1815 and 1820.  This group appears to have “squatted” temporarily among previous Clyne emigrants in the Caribou area before obtaining land in the Gairloch – Upper Settlement West River area. Among them was the family of George and Catherine Baillie.   They had at least eight children.  Of those, three remained unmarried on the home farm which was located on the edge of the wilderness behind West River Station.  A daughter Annie married Alexander Baillie “Spain” and daughter Isabel married William MacKenzie of Gairloch.

caroll rock 2

Carroll Rock by Loch Brora.  Gilbert’s Hill is to the back.


(1) Lindsay, N.  Gilbert’s Hill, Carrol, Clyne, Sutherland: A Report on an Archaeological Walk-Over Survey

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