Crosuchan Baillies (Part VI)

William Baillie “Croshucan”

Also in the party of emigrants in May of 1820 was William Baillie styled Crosuchan, and his family.  William and his wife, Christiana Sutherland, lived on Scottarie overlooking Kilbraur.  He was a small tenant of the Sutherland Estate and appears to have had some comparative wealth for the era.  He could read the scriptures indicating that there was some exposure to education.

William and Christiana obtained a 200 acre grant at the top of Church Road.  One can still find the site of the buildings.   He donated a corner of his land for a church and burial ground.  The church never materialized as a more suitable site was later chosen. However the burial ground did come into use around 1824 and is known today as the MacKenzie Cemetery.  Here one can find the graves of William and Christiana as well as many of the Clyne evictees.

Descendants tells the story that William was very devote – so devote that he carried his Bible to the fields each day so he could read passages while resting.

The known issue of this family are:

  1. Marion 1786-1870    unmarried at Earltown
  2. Isabella 1790-1878   married James Sutherland “Buidhe” at East Earltown
  3. Catherine married Peter Gordon, Parish of Dornoch.  This couple had married prior to the emigration era.  Peter was a career soldier.  They remained in Sutherlandshire where descendants can be found to this day.
  4. Christy 1800-1891   married Alexander Douglas of Millbrook, Pictou County.   Alex Douglas was born in Strathbrora in 1800 and had come to Pictou with his parents as a young boy.
  5. Elizabeth 1801-1889  married Alexander Baillie “Buidhe” and was mother to 16 of his 22 children.
  6. George 1805-1830   died unmarried at Earltown
  7. John 1808-after 1871    John never married and inherited the family homestead on the condition that he start treating his sister Marion with more respect.   After John’s death, the farm passed to his niece, Ellen Sutherland MacKay.

William died March 20, 1847 age 87.  Prior to his death, he granted a deed to the MacKenzie Cemetery trustees for 45 shillings.    Christiana died in 1849.

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