Gunn Cemetery Update

Good news!

A group of volunteers met in Earltown on June 24th to put in motion the Gunn Cemetery Association.  The cemetery has been kept in excellent shape by a number of interested individuals  over the past few decades.  However there has never been a board, bank account or resources to maintain stones and secure the site.

Last year’s tour raised over $600 towards starting a fund.  We will soon have a formal account and be in the position to accept donations.   Donations will be used to repair the oldest stone, improve signage and install an information box where there will be a guest book and information on the cemetery.   We are also obtaining a deed to the land so that it will properly registered.  The day may come were we should be paying for the upkeep of the grounds and repairs to the access.

Donations for the upkeep of the cemetery are gratefully accepted but we do not have charitable status so CRA tax receiptscannot be issued.
Cheques can be made out to the Gunn Cemetery and mailed to:
        Gunn Cemetery
        c/o Joyce Ferguson
        7787 Hwy 311, The Falls
        RR #5 Tatamagouche, NS
        B0K 1V0
For security reasons please do not leave cash or cheques in the mailbox
For information  on the history of the cemetery contact:  Glen Matheson 902-957-0532




One comment on “Gunn Cemetery Update

  1. Jamie Saliga says:

    Thank you so much for everyone’s efforts to maintain this historic cemetery for the future. Donald MacDonald and Esther Sinclair are my ancestors and while I have heard all of the stories, I have not had a chance to visit the cemetery in person. I’m looking forward to visiting the area next summer!

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