Youth of The Falls


This picture was taken around 1900, very likely by E.W.L. Haskett-Smith of Tatamagouche.  It was posed on the bank of the Waugh River near The Falls school.  A more complete biography on the subjects will follow however here are the ones identified to date:

Back row:  (faces blurred)  Mr. Grant,  Gib’s Alex Sutherland,  Hughie Sutherland “Kemptown”, Peter Murray

Second from back: L-R  Willie A. MacLeod, Gib’s Willie Sutherland, Gib’s Barbara Sutherland, Mary Sutherland “Sandy”, Jessie Bell Sutherland “Caribou”,  Tillie Sutherland “Sandy”

Third from back: L-R   John Gallie, Kennie’s Jim MacKay,  Geordie MacLeod, Janie MacLeod, Barbara Ann MacLeod (Dan’s), Tena MacLeod,  Jennie Sutherland “Ban”, Cassie Matheson,  Kennie’s Maggie MacKay

Fourth from back: L-R   Dan R. MacLeod, Dan’s Johnny MacKay, Tena Matheson,  Cassie Sutherland “Sandy”,  Farquhar Sutherland “Sandy”, Wesley Sutherland “Sandy”, John Will MacLeod, Dan’s George W. MacKay, Murdoch Sutherland “Ban”

Front row:   Jessie Ann MacLeod, Barbara MacLeod,  Jessie Sutherland “Sandy”, Leslie MacLeod, Willie Murray “Corrigan”,  Dan Murray “Corrigan”,  Daniel Sutherland “Caribou”,  Bessie Matheson, Marion MacLeod, Alice Sutherland “Ban”,  Margaret Sutherland “Ban”

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