It’s Complicated …The Relationship of William Murray and Girzel Grant

Readers of this blog may also be interested in following the posts on historylinksdornoch.   The blog explores the history and archaeology of Dornoch and surrounding areas in Sutherland, Scotland.   It is a collaboration between Historylinks museum in Dornoch and the Centre for History at the University of the Highlands and Islands, and moderated by Dr. Elizabeth Ritchie.  Dr. Ritchie is an enthusiastic scholar of the history of Sutherland, particularly in the areas of religion, education, emigration and women’s issues.

You will find a post entitled  It’s Complicated …The Relationship of William Murray and Girzel Grant: Part 1.     This couple, who embodied the notion that opposites attract,  were parents to three emigrant families to West Pictou and Earltown.   Janet Murray MacIntosh settled near Elmfield in 1812, Robert Murray “Valley” settled near East Earltown in 1819 and Donald Murray “Craig” settled several years later atop the Craig in Loganville.   Part II will appear in the near future after which this blog will flesh out the continuing story of the family in Nova Scotia.

Enjoy !!

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