Video of the Earltown Cemetery Tour

On Sunday, August 2nd,  I was delighted to have approximately twenty people show up for our annual cemetery tour which, this year, featured the Earltown Village Cemetery.  

It was suggested by a follower of this blog, who was unable to attend as he lives in Virginia, that we produce a video.  Initially it was to a be an informal taping for that individual.  After much thought, I decided to take things a few steps further and engage a professional to produce something that might be of interest to descendants of the early families.  As much of the content consists of stories collected over the last four decades, it was also suggested that these anecdotes need to be preserved for archival purposes.

It was fortunate that Ralph Waugh, (whose ancestor’s name is attached to the river originating at Earltown Lake), was available to record the event and edit the results into a professional end product.  Ralph worked for many years behind the cameras at the CBC and CTV networks and had a hand in bringing many familiar shows to us over the years.

We, (mostly Ralph), have spent the last four weeks putting together the final product and hope to have it available later this month.  It is approximately 75 minutes long and covers 30 family stones.  It doesn’t cover all families for that would have taken several hours.  I selected those stones that would convey a general sense of the history of Earltown.

The cost of the video will be $15 plus shipping and taxes.  The profit from the sales will go to the Earltown Village Cemetery.  This is an excellent  way to support the cemetery as many of lots do not have families to financially support their upkeep.

To reserve a copy, please contact me at .